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Set your proxy to ‘goodproxyeos’ on EOS and ‘goodproxytls’ on Telos.

Boost your Voting Power with GoodProxy!

Voting is a crucial function of the Telos/EOS blockchains, but researching block producers and other voting issues can be time consuming. Proxy voting lets token holders give a revocable proxy for their votes to a trustworthy organization that shares their values and will perform this research on an ongoing basis.

GoodProxy is led by multiple custodians from the Telos community, each from a different organization, who vote for block producer candidates based on credible, transparent and continuous research. The top-scoring block producer candidates on each chain will receive all votes allocated to GoodProxy.


  • Always votes for the maximum number of BPs
  • Follows a transparent voting philosophy described below
  • Custodians each select block producers based on their personal research and knowledge according to the stated criteria 
  • Will be responsive to meaningful network events that may require re-evaluation
  • Custodians consider published self-evaluations from BPs, highlighting their accomplishments
  • Never accept or offer anything of value, including reciprocity, in exchange for votes
  • Custodians, who are also block producers on either Telos or EOS, will not use the proxy to vote for their teams
  • Acknowledges that there are more than 21 block producers on Telos 

How to select GoodProxy as YOUR Proxy:

If you have any more questions, reach out.

On Telos:

Set your proxy to ‘goodproxytls’


Set your proxy to ‘goodproxyeos’

Voting Criteria

GoodProxy votes based on its core philosophy, “Blockchain is for everyone” and the Telos ethos of “security, openness, transparency, and opportunity.”


How well does this BP add to the security of Telos/EOS?


How much does this BP contribute to opening Telos/EOS up to new users, especially groups underserved or underrepresented in blockchain? This included the makeup of the BP team itself.


How transparent is this BP about ownership, relationships or reciprocity, and its actions?


How does this BP create new opportunity for the chains and their users?


Finally, how well does this BP promote the reach of blockchain to everyone?

GoodProxy Custodians

GoodProxy is voted by multiple custodians from the Telos community who vote based on their interpretation of the GoodProxy voting philosophy. GoodProxy was started by GoodBlock, but GoodBlock has relinquished its account ownership and voting rights and is no longer affiliated in any any way with Goodproxy.


This custodian has chosen to keep their identity private for security and privacy issues.

Roger Davies

Roger began his internet career working for an internet backbone startup in 1995. He is lead candidate of EOS UK and Telos UK Block Producer teams and he served as co-chair on the Exchange Outreach and External Comms Working Groups for the Telos launch.

Jerry Huff

Jerry has been in the computer industry since 1972. He has B.S. in Computer Science from California State University, Stanislaus. He brings vast experience to Telos and served as the first chair of the network maintenance and was a Telos Launch Director. He is co-owner and Head of Infrastructure of Infinity Block which runs nodes for both networks.


GoodProxy may remove BPCs from consideration based on credible allegations of collusion, self-dealing, or violations of the chain’s respective governance documents as interpreted by GoodProxy.

Re-evaluation Requests

GoodProxy will consider BPC requests for re-evaluation. Our goal is to correctly assess BPCs and some criteria may be challenging to correctly assess from the outside. Re-evaluation requests may be made by submitting such a request to GoodProxy’s official telegram channel in the form of a link to a publicly posted self-evaluation of any criteria to be reconsidered, along with supporting evidence and rationale for the revised score. GoodProxy will evaluate such requests after they have been publicly posted with comments enabled on an unrestricted site such as Medium or Steemit for a minimum of seven days.

Questions or Comments?

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